Canine Butcher Shop All-Natural Jumbo USA Pig Ears for Dogs (6-Count) – Born, Raised & Made in USA Since 1996

  • SINGLE INGREDIENT – LARGE, WHOLE PIG EARS. Zero salt, sugar, flavors, coloring, additives or preservatives. Each batch is tested for quality and bacteria in an independent, third party laboratory.
  • SLOW COOKED in our dedicated oven before naturally drying for a safe, high-quality, chewing experience.
  • JUMBO USA Pig Ears make a SAFER, LONGER, TASTIER Chew. Dogs Love the texture of our hand-picked USA pig ears.
  • ALWAYS BORN, RAISED, and MADE in the USA. NEVER imported, ALWAYS USA Sourced. No mystery meat or foreign sourcing.
  • PRIVATELY OWNED AND OPERATED FOR OVER 20 YEARS. We make our own, all-natural dog chews in the south side of Chicago. Located adjacent to a human processing plant, we use USDA co-products to create the highest quality dog chews.