Products We Do NOT Recommend

We’ve talked about all of the products that we recommend quite extensively, as we even made our very own Amazon shop that is full of products that we love and recommend! While it’s important to know what we do recommend, it’s almost more important to know what we do not recommend. There are so many amazing products out there that it can sometimes be more beneficial to know what to stay away from since the list is smaller and more specific.

Puppy pads aka "pee pads"

We do not recommend puppy pads for any reason ever. They are just a way for your puppy to learn that going to the bathroom is something that you do inside the house and further reinforces that inside = potty and outside = not potty. This is very backwards to us as we highly encourage all puppies to learn to go to the bathroom outside. Even if you’re in a living situation where you don’t have a fenced in backyard, such as an apartment, you should put your pup on a leash and take them out to relieve themselves. Puppy pads ultimately teach all of the wrong things and turn your home into their bathroom. 


There is some controversy around rawhides and whether or not they’re “safe” for your pup. While they can be safe in small amounts and if you are supervising your pup the entirety of the time they are chewing on it, the risks outweigh the benefits to us, which is why we do not recommend them. The biggest safety issue when it comes to rawhides is the large choking and blockage hazard that they can pose. Rawhide is not very digestible, meaning if your pup swallows a chunk that is too big, it could cause irritation and blockage in their digestive tract, which could lead to an emergency surgery or even death depending on the severity of the blockage. It is also very easy for pups to chew off a piece that is way too big for them, and then end up choking on it.

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