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Currently, we do not offer our boarding services. When we will open up our service again is to be dated.

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Today we went on a walk and did a mock training lesson, which Scotch enjoyed himself in both.

Our walk was the first task of the day. We simply walked a large circle around in our neighborhood, and we got to see a variety of birds, people, and flora to smell and play with. He chose to walk closely with me, but we were sure to walk up to everything he could find interesting just to make sure he felt properly stimulated and loved. But under special request, rather than just have quality time spent with him we spent that time into valuable clicker training instead.

Having been a part of his training previously, it was refreshing to see him again post Puppy Boot Camp. He had done excellently, remembering all his commands, even the more complex ones such as place and stay. He admittedly was not as responsive to come, but he had remembered how it worked almost immediately. We’re very proud of how well he has retained his training.

We went on our now routine walk and did our regular training session today.

We started our walk fresh in the morning, in which he more confidently took stride in. He took in more of the details and foreign animals, and we even got a bit of training in along the way. Of course, he finds the chickens to be especially interesting.

Since he had done so well with his commands. I decided to take him out onto our larger patio to better train him on his commands, stay and come. He is very good about responding from far away, albeit he is very insistent on sniffing about before he does anything else. He would come to me from up to 15 feet away, and he would stay in one place for up to 10 seconds and 10 feet away. He was also very good at improvisational “place” commands, in which he went next to where I would point. He would only do so if I stood near, but, of course, it is wonderful progress nonetheless.