About Us

About US

In 2006, after many years of puppy dreaming and careful planning, USDoodles welcomed our first mom, Penny, a gorgeous American Golden Retriever, into our home in Mesa, Arizona. Her Goldendoodle puppies were impossible not to fall in love with immediately. Their amazing personalities and gorgeous fluffy coats were everything we dreamed of!

By early 2009 Lucy and Charlotte quickly became a part of the USDoodles family. After a few wonderful years in our first home, we needed more space to accommodate our growing fur family and to foster our passion of raising exceptional Doodle puppies.  In 2012, we relocated from Chandler, AZ to Central Phoenix, where we had more space to raise our puppies and to better establish our breeding program. 

USDoodles is now spread out throughout the Phoenix area.  Our trained staff and guardian families help manage the care of our puppies and parent dogs. We wouldn’t be so successful without such a great support system! 

Our team works together to ensure that each puppy is healthy and happy, and that our clients are ready to take on the responsibility of their new puppy. We have developed puppy socialization, puppy training, bootcamp, events, and other resources to help the growing needs of our customers. Seeing our puppies flourish with a wonderful, loving family makes the work worth it! We look forward to you becoming a part of the USDoodles family!

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Puppy Caretaker
USDoodles has been delivering puppies all over the United states in a safe, convenient, inexpensive, and stress free manner for years. We will work with you whether you are near or far, and often travel with our pups! We look forward to working with you towards bringing home your next doodle puppy and becoming a part of the USDoodles family.