How do I find out what puppies are available right now?

Please see our current availability by clicking on the link to our Available Puppies Page.

Do I have to choose a gender before pickouts?

A gender will need to be chosen at the time of the birth announcement. This is important to us as we will need an accurate gender count to let our customers know which gender is still available. The majority of our customers do request a specific gender. Another thing to note is selecting from the full litter is much more difficult than we realize. Narrowing the selection down to gender makes your selection much easier as you are able to give more individual attention to a smaller grouping of puppies.

Can I only pay my deposit via PayPal?

We use PayPal for deposits as there is extra security and peace of mind for our customers.

Is price negotiable?

Price is non-negotiable.

Do you test for health conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia, etc?

We do test our parent dogs depending on their breed/size/predisposed health risks etc. This does not guarantee that they won’t develop a genetic or other condition at some point in their life. Doodles tend to be extremely healthy dogs, and we have heard of very few to no genetic issues in our pups since 2006 when we started raising Goldendoodles, and we have never had a single case of Hip Dysplasia reported. There are many mutations that can factor into whether they are predisposed or not, as well as environmental factors such as diet and exercise that contribute to the potential outcome of hip or elbow disease. We do offer a 2 year health warranty covering serious genetic concerns on every puppy that leaves our facility. All of our puppies are cleared by our vet that we work very closely with and trust prior to take home day, and our parent dogs are DNA tested and cleared through Embark. We are very passionate about the health of our puppies and parent dogs, but understand that we are working with Mother Nature and can’t predict every outcome and circumstance.

Does USDoodles provide Health Testing/ Embark Results or AKC paperwork on parents?

We do not provide any paperwork to any of our customers unless we have a specific breeding contract.

We do not see any benefit in providing this information to our customers, as the Embark testing and AKC paperwork only provide insight as far as the parents’ genetic traits and their pedigree which are only used for breeding purposes. None of the information from either of these things will determine behavior.

Where are the puppies taken care of until I take him/her home?

We currently have 2 locations where we care for our puppies. Jessica, our Client Manager, cares for puppies in her home as well as we care for puppies at our main location. Each litter has separate living quarters with a separate space for their mom to escape to if she needs a little break and time to eat and drink in privacy. Our fantastic staff looks over and cares for these pups and also interact and socialize with our pups between feedings and sanitizing. All puppies then go to our final property, which is where we hold puppy bootcamp and is also where you will pick them up to take them home!

What does your set-up look like?

Here are videos which show where our puppies are kept from the time they are born to the time they are around 7 weeks old. On top of this setup, we also have an area for puppy socialization where we begin to bring them to when they are around 4 weeks old.

Can we see your facilities?

Yes, but in certain circumstances. In an effort to create normalcy for the pups and to make our processes more streamlined, we try our best to make visitations have an exact purpose. If you wish to learn more about us and how we do things, you may be invited to one of our monthly events, unless otherwise stated, where you can see our back patio, meet our staff, and ask any questions during the time allotted.

Can we see the parents and visit your puppies?

We do not allow visitations of our puppies or their mothers in an effort to keep their environment as sanitary as possible. The only exception is for our puppies during pickouts or take homes. The first because it is a necessary risk to help you choose your puppy, and the latter because they have finished receiving their needed vaccinations and preventatives. In terms of our parents, often they have guardian homes, and they are less likely to be on site with their puppies the older they get.

Do you know gender before they are born?

No, we do not get an official gender count until the puppies are born.

Are the puppies spay/neutered before take home?

We do not spay/neuter our puppies before take home. We recommend no earlier than 12 months for spaying/neutering, however, this is something you will work with your vet to schedule at the appropriate age as determined by them.

How does the pickout process work?

Once our puppies are born we send a birth announcement asking you to confirm which gender you will be choosing from. You will then be scheduled to come in for your pickout appointment once the puppies are between 6 and 7 weeks old. You will only see puppies from the gender you chose. Pick out appointments are scheduled in order of picking positions. To see more details on our process, please see the link here.

How do you know what order to put puppies in photos?

It is very important to us to make sure we know exactly which puppy is which in our photos, especially when it comes to our week 5 photos, which occur right before you come to pick out your puppy. In newborn photos, we always have males on the right and females on the left. Once they are a little bit older, we put colored collars on all of our pups to be able to distinguish them. In all of our 5 Week photos, we put them in alphabetical order based off of their collar color. For example, it goes blue, green, purple, red, yellow, etc.

Is there an email or phone number I can contact?

Our main form of communication is via email, as we usually only have email correspondence with clients. You can contact us at Customerservice@USDoodles.com and we will respond to you via email, and then you can have any of your questions or concerns addressed. Our phone number is 602-821-4949 and you can call or text us if needed, but we will continue communication via email so our entire team is all on the same page.