Puppy Checklist


Take home day is a big day for a young pup as their world and yours is forever changed! Every puppy reacts a bit different, some seem unfazed, while others take a few days to adjust. Just like an infant, there are some supplies that you will need and situations that may pop up that will leave you wondering what to do. We hope this information is helpful as you prepare for bringing your new puppy home.

It is important that you and your home is calm and you are not nervous. If you have other pets they will definitely pick up on your energy and could become confused by the new puppy. It is usually best to let them smell each other and speak their own language (while you monitor them closely). If you have young children it’s important to supervise them and make sure they know how to behave with the new puppy. We recommend to designate a potty spot and take your puppy there for a few minutes before going inside. Use this potty spot every time your puppy comes out of a play pen or crate and praise your pup, just never punish your pup for an accident.

Puppies love to chew and play and are teething for quite a while. If you are experiencing unwanted behavior such as nibbling or jumping it is important that you remain calm and not let your puppy chew on you and instead place a chew toy in the mouth as a replacement or turning away when jumping. If you give your puppy positive reinforcement when behaving properly and no praise or energy when misbehaving; they tend to realize quickly that you don’t approve of certain behavior. If you are experiencing any behavioral issues that you are not able to correct, a trainer would likely be very helpful as Doodles tend to be extremely smart pups. We recommend group classes for all doodles as well as you socializing your doodle from a young age. It is important to puppy proof your home and yard! Puppies can squeeze through much smaller holes in fences than most people realize. If you have a pool, introduce them to the edge immediately and show them there is water inside, most puppies are instinctual and know to stay away; it is very important that you watch your puppy around water.

Some products that we use and recommend:

  • Purina One +Plus Healthy Puppy Formula – Red Bag – Up to 1 year old

  • Purina Pro Plan Complete Essentials – Black/Orange Bag

  • Natures Miracle or other Enzyme cleaner- eliminating pee odor helps your pups desire to potty indoors
  • Kong and NylaBone products, Training Treats, toys, chews, balls, collars, leash, stainless steel food dishes, Pooper scooper with Rake and Pan, Portable water dispenser and on the go poop bags
  • Bravecto: Fleas+Tick + Heartgard: Heartworm or Revolution: Flea+Tick+Heartworm (vet prescription)
  • Doc Roy’s GI Symbiotic or Fortiflora A Granule that you sprinkle on their food for digestive health
  • Wire Crate with Divider- When Puppy is Small use a divider to prevent accidents in the crate.
  • Puppy Shampoo, variety of brushes to keep coat soft and from getting matted.

We would love to see photos of your puppy as time goes on and please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns that may come up!

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