Lead Your Dog to Success

The most successful sports teams, companies, and countries all have a primary trait in common – great leadership. The key to a well-behaved dog is ALSO great leadership! A great leader is clear in their expectations, creative in their solutions and benevolent to those they lead. How can you become a great leader for your dog? Well, bringing in professional help was a really great way to start!

Additional Ways You Can Set Your Dog up for Success and Lead Your Household to a More Harmonious Relationship:

1) Routine: Dogs thrive on routine. Walks, meals, and sleep should all happen at
relatively the same time every day (as close as possible).

2) Prevention: Management is the first step to a well-trained dog. Put your
belongings away, don’t leave food out on the counter, put your dog on leash
when guests come over, etc.

3) Commitment: It’s up to you to train your dog! Commit to the training
program, techniques, and time it will take to educate your dog on living with
humans successfully.

4) Forgiveness: Your dog will do things you don’t like in the beginning because they are doing what makes sense to them. Forgive your dog for not knowing yet, and then teach your dog the right way.

5) Ask for help! You’ve come looking for help to train your dog – please let us
know whenever you hit obstacles or even to celebrate successes! 

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